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I don’t like posting stuff I make IRL, but my blog’s been on life-support for a while anyway.

Last semester in a/v tech we all made fake iPod commercials using classmates dancing in front of a green-screen.

It’s the only semi-decent thing I made all year.

I had two visual goals in mind:

  • The “Once in a Lifetime” video on a dying Sega Genesis
  • Cyberpunk High School Musical

The song is mega-jam “Rhythm of Devotion” by Sisyphus (sufjan stevens’ recent side-project).

You’re welcome, America.

my text posts used to be actual thoughts and ideas and everything but now it’s just me popping in once a week to say “hey (insert band here) is pretty cool”.

a brilliant career || 50 essential songs from the discography of belle and sebastian

"belle and sebastian, more than any other group to me, has always represented the pure sound of sweetness, of soothing innocence. music that if it were a person it would be just the most- the nicest, most unassuming guy you would ever meet. he doesn’t have a bleak outlook on the world, but does admit his problems, admits his faults, and feels almost anything can be resolved with either love, or prayer." - x

5 songs from each major studio release by belle and sebastian in celebration of the album art reveal of their ninth studio album, girls in peacetime want to dance

listen on spotify - x