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"Mostly, videogames are about men shooting men in the face. Sometimes they are about women shooting men in the face. Sometimes the men who are shot in the face are orcs, zombies, or monsters. Most of the other games the ESA is talking about when it mentions “units” are abstract games: the story of a blue square who waits for a player to place him in line with two other blue squares, so he can disappear forever. The few commercial games that involve a women protagonist in a role other than slaughter put her in a role of servitude: waiting tables at a diner (or a dress shop, a pet shop, a wedding party). This is not to say that games about head shots are without value, but if one looked solely at videogames, one would think the whole of human experience is shooting men and taking their dinner orders. Surely an artistic form that has as much weight in popular culture as the videogame does now has more to offer than such a narrow view of what it is to be human."

Anna Anthropy (2012)- Rise of the Videogame Zinesters (via girlsgetbusyzine) ←