Took/taking a break from Tumblr ‘cause of school and just a general realization that this site is 99% dumb and I follow most of that other 1% on Twitter anyway.

If I make a comeback, expect it to be like Matthew McConaughey’s: powerful, prolific, and a little annoying.

Spotify gets me

Spotify gets me

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the same man who recorded this also recorded the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars

that man is david bowie

mac demarco creeps me out, dude probably smells like moldy flannel from 1982.

Chris Waldrop - Twin Peaks 8-Bit Theme
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Twin Peaks (8-Bit Theme)|Chris Waldrop

Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (Shoreline)
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Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (Shoreline)

r u single?


we are a restaurant