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i really wanted to buy merch when i saw tim & eric last week but then i thought “how can i even wear these in public” and decided against it.

i mean look at this

Track: I'm From Nowhere
Artist: Neko Case
Album: The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You
Plays: 155


I was surprised
When you called me a lady
Cause I'm still not so sure that that's what I wanna be 

"And there is another American profession that has a significantly more alarming problem with domestic abuse. I’d urge everyone who believes in zero tolerance for NFL employees caught beating their wives or girlfriends to direct as much attention—or ideally, even more attention—at police officers who assault their partners. Several studies have found that the romantic partners of police officers suffer domestic abuse at rates significantly higher than the general population. And while all partner abuse is unacceptable, it is especially problematic when domestic abusers are literally the people that battered and abused women are supposed to call for help."

my school’s starting a literary magazine and i’m really into the idea, mostly so I can tell my friends I technically work on a “zine”.

we’re gonna have the edgiest DIY publishing a suburban texas high school’s ever had.